State of Ecommerce Fulfillment Report: 2023 Edition


It has never been easier to start an ecommerce business, but it has never been harder to efficiently grow your brand. Ecommerce brands of all sizes have felt some logistics pain points — from raw material shortages and port congestion tying up their inventory, to shipping delays from carriers that were overcapacity. 

Despite these challenges, brands are navigating the ever-changing landscape with plans to expand this year.

State of Ecommerce Fulfillment Report: 2020 Editions

 In this report, you'll learn:

More than 70% of brands will add at least one new sales channel in 2022.
Nearly 32% of brands will fulfill orders in a new country in 2022.
Just under 25% of brands always offer site-wide free shipping for domestic orders.
In the US, 35% of all ecommerce orders and GMV are in 4 states: California, Texas, New York, and Florida.
And much more data and recommendations to meet consumer expectations!


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