A Step-by-Step Guide to Switching 3PLs


Not all 3PLs are created equal. While it may never seem like the right time to change fulfillment providers, taking a critical look at both your current 3PL and overarching fulfillment strategy is vital to setting your business up for future success.

Here at ShipBob, we have a lot of experience in aiding in the 3PL transition — with brands coming to us from Amazon, local mom-and-pop 3PLs, and every tech-enabled 3PL out there. We can confidently say that switching 3PLs doesn’t have to be as hard as you may think.

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In this guide to reducing risk and ensuring a graceful 3PL transition, you’ll learn:

  When it’s worth switching 3PLs
  Considerations for choosing a new fulfillment partner
 Best practices for a smooth transition
 How ShipBob helps mitigate risk
 3PL transition FAQs

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